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Morpheus Environmental Consulting


Morpheus Environmental Consulting was established in 2016 to provide innovative solutions for businesses and organisations to help you fulfil your ambitions of sustainable business:  growth that also benefits our environment and our society.


Managing Director, David Bunt, has 30 years’ experience in the Environment Agency and National Rivers Authority - managing a wide variety of teams and projects to deliver improvements for business, people and the environment.  


We have experience in many areas of environmental policy and operational management, most notably in fisheries management, waste regulation, pollution prevention and incident management.  We have a track record of leading teams of up to 50 people and budgets up to £3.5M to deliver complex and ambitious programmes to protect and improve the environment. 


We have access to a wide network of environmental professionals – specialists, consultants, regulators, non-government organisations and government.  We can provide innovative and pragmatic ideas to facilitate improvements to your business.  

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